As a Novice - How to Choose Gags

Mar 24, 2022

GAGS has been widely used in sex games for a long time, but while some people affectionately block their partners, others only dream-being unable to speak will excite you and keep you focused on happiness. However, choosing the right product specifically for you or your partner is not an obvious thing. We will tell you what rules you need to follow to shut up everyone's happiness.

The first thing to remember: if you or your partner has cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, asthma, epilepsy, or claustrophobia, don't use a gag. The list of contraindications also includes any type of acute respiratory infection and jaw dislocation in the past. If none of this is about you, please feel free to go to well-known sex shops or trusted networks: Remember, everything you give yourself should be made of high-quality materials. In small shops selling nouns, you can Get something different.

A gag is a personal item, just like a toothbrush. If you can exchange saliva with an ordinary partner as you like, then in other cases, you will buy an item separately instead of taking it out of the trash can. They said, I have such a thing here, which has been stuffed into all kinds of things. Such people. Don't be tempted by stories about disinfection.

Determine the purpose of the gag. If it is necessary for a person to be unable to speak a word, most of the plug is in the mouth, securing the jaw and tongue. For beginners, this option is unlikely to be pleasant-get used to using it in BDSM games, where physical and psychological discomfort is important. But a sexual moan from a partially blocked mouth is very surprising and unlikely to cause harm. It’s best to start at one point-a soft cushion will not force you to open your mouth: you will not get tired of it, and you will never confuse angry voices with satisfying voices.

The ball plug has several important requirements. First, look for hollow and perforated ones so you don't have to worry about air entering. Second, choose the right size. Open your mouth as if you are about to bite off a big hamburger, hold it for 20 seconds, and then measure the distance between the teeth-this will be the largest diameter of the ball. In fact, it is worthwhile to take one less finger, otherwise the jaw will be numb instantly. Third, the material of the stopper should be soft and elastic, because you have to use your teeth to put the ball in. Take care of your teeth, they are still useful to you.

Another type of plug is a ring or gasket. Their mouth is not closed, but it is impossible to speak because it is not closed. Use it on people who trust you, because such items will always give people a strong feeling of being invincible, and they will only bring pleasure when they are truly intimate. But rings and spacers can perform oral sex. Men can use any comfortable variety, women can use rings, because if the situation becomes uncomfortable, it is easy to spit out.

A person who is gagged should be ready to drool, just like his partner. Even so: for the silver piece. Most gags do not allow normal swallowing, so a lot of saliva will accumulate. Therefore, air is required to enter the mouth-it will flow in the opposite direction. In addition, never let a person carry the plug-he may suffocate from excessive saliva, otherwise it will cause the plug (and the plug has not been removed!). Generally speaking, drooling is good, which means that everything is more or less okay.

Gagging involves tying the hands, but it is best to conditionally keep them fixed. The safest gag is on a wide soft tape (such as neoprene) with Velcro fasteners. If there is a problem, you can delete it yourself. The hands can also be tied, but don't tie them too tightly so that they can be loosened. Are you playing right? Therefore, the rules can be formally obeyed. In difficult situations, it is recommended to agree on a stop word in advance, but you can't say too much with your mouth shut, so agree on the action, or, for example, you can pick up a bell. Any sound is a sign of complete cessation of action.

But there is no need to buy a gag, you can always use the means at hand. However, in order that arbitrariness does not end in tragedy, please remember the main rules. The gag should be soft. Ribbons, ties or even T-shirts-no hard objects to avoid injury. You may hurt the edges of your mouth or mucous membranes, or even break your teeth. This is not fun, but self-harm.

Another important rule of self-made gags is that everything should be more or less clean and contain no dangerous things by itself or by itself. For example, a T-shirt used to paint a wall will leave paint marks. They are not intended to be swallowed-neither swallowed nor inhaled for a long time. Therefore, even if passion suddenly breaks you apart, move to a more suitable place and find safe items.

A homemade gag should be strictly composed of one item, only then you can control everything-whether you are wearing it or wearing it. Specifically, this means that you either stuff things inside or stuff things inside, but it's not aligned. The movie "Candy" with Rose McGowan started with a vomiting error and led to tragedy: the girl was stuffed into a ping-pong ball and jammed, and the heroine suffocated to death.
Generally speaking, knotting is better than stuffing, and a narrow bandage is preferable to half-face width. First of all, suffocation is too difficult. Secondly, it is not difficult to spit out a neat and not very wide bandage. Third, the narrow bandage is a soft version of the snaffle bit, you can even pronounce it if you need it.

What you should never do is use tape instead of gagging. Glue can irritate the skin, tearing off the tape is as painful as waxing, and wide glue does not allow you to breathe or talk through your mouth. I have a cold-hello. The only option is a special vinyl tape, which only sticks to your body, not your skin. It looks like tape, but you have to wrap it around your head, not a silver film tape from cheek to cheek.
If you still want to put something in your mouth, choose something that does not exceed half of a woman's fist. In other words, thong underwear is fine, but the family size of size 56 should be out of the mouth in most cases.

Well, the simplest but most important rule sums up all the above: Don’t do anything to your loved one that you don’t want to do to you, and always get his consent first. You will be more complete yourself, and the chances that your partner will like it and want to repeat it are rapidly increasing.

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