6 Ways to Make Your Orgasms More Intense

Feb 22, 2022

Weight and Squeeze

During orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles contract and twitch. So, the stronger these muscles, the stronger your orgasm, which makes sense. One of the easiest ways to strengthen these muscles is to use a set of Kegel balls or dumbbells for regular pelvic floor (or Kegel) exercises. When you are doing normal work, just insert one of the weights into your vagina, and let your pelvic floor do the rest! Your body will instinctively squeeze these balls to keep them in your body, thus thoroughly exercising your pelvic floor. (In addition, they are a great way to promote natural lubrication before the game.) Use regularly to increase vaginal strength and powerful orgasm!

Edge of Glory

The fringe is an amazing way to enhance and extend the duration of an orgasm. To achieve orgasm, keep a slow and steady session. Avoid speeding up, adding extra stimulation or trying to reach the finish line-in fact, you want to do the opposite. Please pay attention to how close you are to "Road of No Return" when playing, and stop playing when you arrive. Before pleasing yourself again, let your body and mind "calm down." Before you get to Big O, see how many times you can do it. By gradually establishing like this, your chances of getting a stronger orgasm will greatly increase. My favorite clitoral edging toy is a suction toy like Self Pleasure Clitoral Stimulator.

Triple Sex

You may have heard the term "mixed orgasm", which is the key to most clitoral patients reaching orgasm, but what does it mean? Mixed orgasm refers to the simultaneous stimulation of two (or more) different areas of the body to achieve orgasm. For many people, the more areas that are stimulated at a time, the stronger the orgasm. Sex toys help, allowing you to play multiple areas at the same time (even by yourself!) easier than ever. With settings such as Self Pleasure Rabbit Vibrator and Sweet Sensations Butt Plug, you can stimulate the clitoris, G-spot and anus simultaneously with one hand. Do you like adventure? Wear the Self Pleasure Anal Vibrator with your other hand to make it a group of four and use it to explore other sexy areas, such as nipples.

Good Show

Most people are extremely visual creatures, and many of our transformations start from what we see. Use this power to enhance your orgasm by watching your own games. This can be done by playing in front of a mirror or photographing yourself on the phone. Observing your own behavior will not only activate all the correct areas of your brain, but it will also make you feel a bit "naughty", which will only increase excitement and thus satisfaction!

Mint Condition

A reliable way to increase the potential for orgasm is to increase sensitivity, which can be easily achieved by using a lubricant or a better stimulating gel (such as So Divine Menthol Orgasm Gel). Infusion of stinging, cooling menthol can promote blood flow and enhance sliding, each contact will immediately increase. Want to go further? Use it in conjunction with the Self Pleasure Clitoris Suction Stimulator, which also promotes blood circulation to achieve clitoral orgasm.

All In The Hips

Let the whole body participate in the game time to better simulate the sexual behavior of the partner. For many people, this helps to get their thoughts and genitals "into the area", leading to a more intense orgasm. One way is to move your hips (rather than your hands, for example) to grind or ride the toy. Good toys for this kind of exercise are sucker dildos, such as 7.88 Inch Silicone Realistic Dildo. The powerful suction cup can be attached to any smooth surface, double density shaft, realistic head and sphere, it feels like real. You can ride hands-free and simulate penetrative sex with your partner with amazing realism.

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