Penis Rings (42)

It's no wonder that cock rings are incredibly popular - they're one of the few sex toys that can pleasure both men and women at the same time. Penis rings work by fitting snugly around the base of the shaft, limiting blood flow from the penis. Controlling the blood flow can boost girth and length, while also helping to delay ejaculation. Buyging offers a variety of penis rings to appeal to every preference. From materials and size to style and design, our penis ring products are diverse enough to please every user.

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How Penis Rings Work

Penis rings fit snugly around the base of the shaft and slow the flow of blood to prolong your erection, increase girth and length, and delay ejaculation. Cock rings may be especially useful for men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), but the potential benefits appeal to many guys.

Types of Cock Rings

BUYGING offers a variety of rings, including vibrating cock rings and toys with attached dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, or scrotum loops. Some products are designed to provide stimulation for both partners and may include clitoral extensions and bullet vibes.

"Many toy experts consider penis rings the ultimate couples sex toy. Guys love them for their ability to boost size and staying power. Partners love them for those same reasons!" writes Dr. Jenni Skyler, a certified sexologist.

Flexible materials such as silicone and TPE or TPR are commonly used to make cock rings that will stretch to a variety of sizes and there are adjustable models available.