12 Irresistible Sex Toys for Couples (12)


It's the deep of the night.

You've just had another round of breathtaking sex with your partner.

It was good, it was passionate, it was as memorable as the other times you made love with each other.

But a thought crossed your mind. It took you by surprise and made you feel guilty, even in the tiniest bit.

What thought was this? They were the words: "I want to spice up our sex life."

You had no idea what caused you to think this way. You and your partner had been together for quite some time now and there was never a moment where the sex fell behind expectations.

But the thought was already there and you have no choice but to find out why it existed in the first place.

What you discovered was this: You were correct that the sex now is great, but at the same time it wouldn't hurt if the both of you took it a step further and found new, refreshing ways to help each other feel good and feel the coveted "O" of the orgasm.

Why is it Important to Spice up Sex Life?

That's mainly because the act of spicing sex up requires communication – more specifically knowing exactly what your partner is looking for, experimentation – more specifically how your partner prefers to be pleasured according to their preferences and needs and consistent practice — there is an effort to get to know your partner and fulfill their needs. Knowing that you can trust and support each other in the most intimate of things will make the relationship foster a deeper sense of trust and vulnerability.

If anything, don't be afraid to add as much spice into your sex life and one of the ways to do so is to explore and experiment with sex toys!