10 Sex Facts Will Change Your Opinion About Sex

Apr 20, 2022

Sex is natural and one of the most enjoyable activities that humans can participate in.

Whether you are being treated roughly by 2 beaters in the parking lot or having traditional missionary penile vaginal sex, this is an activity that most of us can share.
With a universal experience like sex, it is not surprising that there are also a bunch of wonderful or strange sex facts that portray this kind of pornographic event from the experiences of people all over the world.

So, whether you want to expand your understanding of sex, or just stare at some strange sex facts and statistics, here we will show 10 interesting sex facts!

1. Penis circumference is more important than penis length

When it comes to penile-vaginal intercourse, the circumference of the penis is more important for sexual pleasure than the length of the penis. The vagina is mainly covered by stretching mechanoreceptors, which means that a large penis is often more pleasant than a long penis.

2. Sex helps stop migraines

If you have frequent headaches and migraines, sex may actually help a lot. A study shows that 60% of migraine sufferers find that sex helps to relieve their migraine.

3. The duration of oversize men in bed is 4 times longer

A Turkish study found that the average length of stay for oversized men in the bedroom was 7 minutes and 18 seconds, while the average time for much thinner men was only 1 minute and 48 seconds.

Although this does not necessarily mean that sex is better or more satisfying, it is indeed a surprising sex fact.

4. Four orgasms a week can keep prostate cancer away

Men (and those who were designated as men at birth) can reduce their chances of developing prostate cancer by having orgasms at least 4 times a week.

Masturbation-there is more than one way of self-care.

5. Nipples orgasm is real

Orgasm can be achieved only through nipple stimulation, especially for women. These orgasms are often called "nipple orgasms." This is not surprising, because nipple stimulation increases sexual arousal in 82% of women and 52% of men. Men who use prostate massagers to achieve multiple orgasms usually do so with the help of nipple friction.

Don't ignore the nipples!

6. The average male penis size is 5-7 inches

As you might expect, the average size of an erect cisgender male penis is 5-7 inches. Although some people may claim that only 15% of men have an erect penis longer than 7 inches, and only 3% of men have an erect penis longer than 8 inches!

But this is not important, because...

7. 15% of cisgender women have never had an orgasm

Yes, about one in six cisgender women have never had an orgasm. However, every woman can achieve orgasm, although you may need to try different techniques and find a method that suits you. Most women are most likely to stimulate the clitoris to orgasm through a vibrator or other sex toys, so for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, this may be worth a try. good luck!

If you run out of aspirin, maybe try to be weird?

8. Female orgasm lasts 14 seconds longer than male orgasm

The average female orgasm lasts about 20 seconds, while the average male orgasm lasts only 6 seconds.

Although women tend to have a harder time reaching orgasm than men, they can feel pleasure for more than 3 times as long as men, so it's at least cool.

9. 31% of men pretend to have orgasm

According to Time Out New York data, although 67% of heterosexual women admit to pretending to have an orgasm, surprisingly, 31% of men also pretend to have an orgasm.

No one is safe!

10. Men can achieve orgasm without ejaculation

Men (and people with penis) can actually achieve orgasm without ejaculating at all-orgasm and ejaculation are completely different physical processes.
This is most easily explained by prostate milking-those who have a prostate can use sex toys or fingers to massage their prostate (anal P point) and experience multiple orgasms (just like women) without seeing a single drop of semen.

In addition to interesting sex facts-guys, if you are reading this article, you need to try prostate milking. believe us.

Random facts about sex-conclusion

Well, this ends our 10 random facts about sex. We hope you enjoy these interesting sex facts and sex statistics, whether you are researching sex or just procrastinating during your lunch break.
To learn more about sex toys, kinks, suggestions, and basically everything you need to know about sex...please feel free to visit the Buyging website!

It's really fun, we promise.

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