The best time for sex

Nov 22, 2022

Sex for a person is not only health, but also mutual understanding between partners. Even at a young age, everyone dreams of regular intimacy at any time of the day or night, but over the years everything changes a lot and very often sex fades into the background, and the first is the routine. As practice shows, the desires of both partners do not always coincide at the same time, one wants affection and intimacy, and the second would be better off sleeping quietly. 

In both sexes, the biological rhythms are very different, so, for example, in the early morning at five o'clock, the woman's hormones are still sleeping, but the male testosterone is already fully armed and ready to rush into battle. It was at this time that men most often see erotic dreams.


As already mentioned, the biological activity of both men and women is very different, when some want to rest, others want sex. So when hormones are active:

  • In the early morning hours by 7-8, the stronger half is ready to go into battle and give the woman the most vivid pleasure, but only she is not ready for this, because her hormones are still asleep.
  • The hormones of the fair half begin to activate only by 10 o'clock , but will be fully active by 12, but in men at this time, sexual desire weakens somewhat, but by noon he is still ready to satisfy the desire of his lady.
  • By 16 o'clock, both partners are at the peak of sexual activity and are ready to enjoy intimate caresses. But only at this time, both partners are increasingly at work. For those who really want to have offspring, this time is considered the most favorable for conception, so if there is an opportunity, do not miss it.
  • From 17 to 19 hours , the hormones of both partners rest, after which the male half is ready to start having sex, but the women still just want to relax.
  • Only by 23 o'clock do women languish with the desire to have sex, but only men already just want to sleep.

And what should partners do if their hormonal activity does not coincide, do they really have to just give up such a pleasant activity as sex? In fact, not everything is so critical, because couples find time and do not complain, you just need to experiment and be sure to choose the option that suits you best. In general, you need to have sex at any time, when the desire just wakes up.


As statistics show, most often partners devote night time to sex. There is even a proverb: "Darkness is the friend of youth, you cannot see in the dark ...". But is it really all this, or do modern couples find a more convenient time for sex? A study conducted between couples of different ages gave the following results:

  • Young people most often like to have sex at night and continue until the morning, taking short breaks.
  • Late evening is set aside for sexual pleasures by married couples who already have preschool children, because it is at this time that they fall asleep and do not interfere with their parents to enjoy each other.
  • In the early evening, those who already have teenage children can have sex, and at this time they are walking with friends or girls, and parents have the opportunity to devote time to themselves.
  • In the morning and afternoon, those who do not work during this period have sex .

Still, according to many couples, they consider late evening the best time for sex. At this time, you can relax, and then sleep well. But there are those who believe that early morning is the ideal time for sex, when everyone wakes up, the birds sing what could be better, and after the pleasures you can get some more sleep.

Nobody can answer the question exactly when is the best time for sex. When a desire has arisen, then you need to enjoy each other, without denying yourself the most pleasant thing that is between lovers.

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