Extend Sex Time And Have More Fun

Oct 24, 2022

Delay products are one of the most popular intimate products. There are many types of these therapies, but they all have one goal: to help men have sex for longer and more easily control the onset of orgasm. This effect is usually needed by men who have experienced premature ejaculation. If both parties are satisfied with the duration of sexual intercourse, even if it only lasts a few minutes, there is no need to extend it. However, if you really want to extend your happy moments, you can use one of the following methods. It should be noted that combining at least two of the following methods has the best effect.


The cock ring is the favorite toy of couples, usually the first toy they get. There are several good reasons for this. One is easy to use, and the other is that both men and women can enjoy the ring effect at the same time. The main function of an erection or cock ring is to strengthen the erection and prolong the time of intercourse. It should be worn on the base of the penis before a full erection. This will produce a squeezing sensation, and the blood will not easily flow back into the body. It will stay in the penis to maintain the desired firmness. Another benefit of ring squeeze is that men are more likely to control their orgasms. The cock ring slightly squeezes the vas deferens so that ejaculation does not happen too quickly. The ring cannot completely block the exit of sperm, but its pressure can help men feel the orgasm and make certain movements to prolong the pleasure. For example, slow down, change posture, drink water or rest for a while.

When using the ring for the first time, the ring can only be worn for a few minutes to allow the body to get used to this feeling. The next time the ring can be placed for 5-15 minutes. The ring should not be worn for more than half an hour. If discomfort or discoloration of the penis occurs, the ring should be removed immediately.


If the ring has a vibrating part to stimulate the clitoris during insertion, more fun can be guaranteed. The vibrating ring is multifunctional, which means stimulating multiple areas of pleasure at the same time!

Things to consider when choosing an erection ring:


1. The edge of the penis ring should be as wide as possible (not less than 0.5 cm). The wider and thicker the edge of the ring, the more pleasant the feeling around the penis. If the ring is too thin, it may cut into the skin.


2. The size of the ring cannot be precisely matched to the size of the penis based on the diameter of the ring alone, because many factors other than the diameter/circumference will affect the feeling and effect. Before buying a ring, its best to try stretching first. With memory and imagination as the guide, theoretically compare the parameters of the ring and the parameters of the penis to achieve the desired effect. You may have to try at least a few options to find the perfect one.


3. If you want a vibrating ring, make sure the vibrating element is long enough. If it is too short, the vibration will concentrate on the base of the penis and the vaginal opening, but cannot reach the clitoris. A wider vibrating element will also produce more stimulation, because it will massage not only the outside of the clitoris, but also the hidden areas of the labia and the inside of the clitoris.


4. Silicone is the best material for vibrating ring because it has the characteristics of hypoallergenic, durable, easy to clean and comfortable to touch. If the ring does not have a vibrating element, it can be made of a mixture of TPE and silicone. The instructions for using metal rings are slightly different. If you have gained good experience in using silicone rings, you can experiment.


5. The charging model is always more powerful than the battery-powered model and has a wider range of modes. Rechargeable models are also waterproof, can be used in bathtubs and showers, and are easy to clean under running water.


6. Any cock ring should be used with a water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the toy material and causing the necessary sliding to obtain a more pleasant feeling.


There are various gels or sprays that can help men have longer sex. Most of them desensitize the penis, thereby avoiding rapid ejaculation caused by excessive penis excitement. In particular, the glans of the penis is very sensitive, and an orgasm occurs within a few minutes of stimulation. Depending on the intensity of the product's action, a slight cold or a significant decrease in the sensitivity of the glans can be felt, which is reminiscent of the effect of anesthesia. When using these products, you must strictly follow the instructions for use in order to achieve the desired effect. The gel should be applied to the head of the penis and massaged, paying special attention to the lacing, which is the most sensitive part. If necessary to further reduce the sensitivity, the gel can be massaged along the entire length of the penis. The substance should not enter the urethra. Generally, the product should be used at least 5-10 minutes before unprotected sex so that it can be absorbed into the tissues without wearing off during penile stimulation. It is important that the agent does not come into contact with female reproductive organs, as there is no need to reduce their sensitivity.

If you use a condom, you don't need to wait a long time. The condom will act as a barrier to prevent the product from being wiped off and touching the female genitals. Condoms also help desensitize, which will make the behavior longer. Choosing a condom that has been filled with similar products can enhance the effect, especially the anesthetic benzocaine. It is recommended not to start active penetration in the first few minutes, because such a person's orgasm may come before the gel is activated. Gels are becoming more and more popular among couples. They have a dual effect-they have a prolonging effect on men and an exciting acceleration effect on women.


The most natural way to learn to control ejaculation and intercourse time is to exercise! The best endurance training is regular intercourse, which involves intense stimulation of the penis. It can be frequent penetrative behavior or frequent masturbation-at best, a combination of the two. If sex cannot be carried out as often as needed, then a masturbator, a toy that massages the penis, may be very useful. If you use a masturbator every day, you can achieve particularly good results, and it has a particularly stimulating and relieving effect inside. By often playing with masturbation toys, the penis will get used to strong stimulation and endurance will also increase. After that, during the performance, you won't be overly excited because of allergies.


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