Sex Boredom Escapes From Travel

May 22, 2023

If you're having sex with responsibility and duty instead of excitement and excitement, it's time to find the best destination this winter to revive the burning embers.



the face is cold and my body is warm in a hot spring destination. Wouldn't the best romance you can enjoy in winter is a hot spring trip? It can be a special drug for couples who need new stimulation. I would like a hot spring that you can enjoy privately. If you take a quiet time in the beautiful nature, you will naturally warm up. If the two of them spend their time undressed like Adam and Eve in the beginning, it is possible to escape from boredom. However, in order to manage the water quality of the hot spring, I advise you to do only foreplay in the water and then run out and go straight to bed.


Sticky in a Southeast Asian resort, have


you insisted on dating a shopping mall just because it's too cold? It is difficult to find new excitement with the routine of watching a movie at the theatre and adding accompaniment to a rough soup. If you were hibernating even for sex because it was annoying to take off the food-smelling padding, it is also a good idea to leave Korea and head to Southeast Asia, which is sticky and humid. Once all of my friends are trembling in the cold, just seeing the night market while I and my lover are sweating. After sightseeing, you can enter the air-conditioned accommodation and make eye contact. Just take off your T-shirt and you're done, so you can have very easy sex.


Everything is bothersome because I don't move my body too much in winter because of hard work. If you are tired of having sex while watching Netflix in a warm home, it's a good idea to go to a place where you can do beach activities. If you dive or surf all day and play in the water, your body and mind will naturally become irritated and become relaxed. As I move my body, my vitality rises. Also, the face of the sun-tanned lover may look different. If you follow that unusual vibe and add beer to it, you will find each other sloppy.


The pleasure of appetite is


well known as sexual desire, the three major needs of human beings: sleep, appetite, and sexual desire. I'm going to sleep a lot on Sunday, so I go on a trip to find my appetite lost in the cold with my libido. Choosing a place that suits your tastes in Jeolla-do, a favourite place for Korean meals, and Jeju-do, a holy place for Instagrammers, prepares a thorough meal from morning to evening. If you take a boat while looking at the natural scenery like the sea, you can also drink alcohol and produce a vibe like the'Hong Sang-soo movie'. It's only one moment to get on fire when you go to the hostel and get drunk and stumble.


Winter camping, called the ultimate camping king, relying on each other in a cold camping ground. If your relationship with your partner is too comfortable and you even wished for it, it is a good option to wear expensive gear and go camping in winter. Of course, because it is cold and difficult, there may be a big fight before you even plug in the tent pole, but anyway, all we have to do is create a situation where we can only rely on each other. Even if the equipment is full of arms, its cold, so we hug each other and share our body temperature, huh? Come to think of it, is it outdoor? It burns hot while doing it. By the time we go down the next day, we will be able to feel the distance between each other.


Love is by

far the most popular trip these days by train is the Trans-Siberian train trip. On this trip, where you have to eat and sleep while looking at the endless scenery on the train, it is the most fun to have a conversation while facing each other. Since the mobile phone signal goes off only at the station and its vicinity, you can't spend time watching YouTube or communicate with friends through Instagram comments. In Korea, they were stuck in cafes and spent time looking at their smartphones only, but on this train, they can only reach their destination after having a deep talk with each other. As I realize why I have dated this person, the flames of sex that have been fading away will also burn again. Roaring.

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