How to Choose the Right Size Anal Toy

Jun 25, 2023

Exploring anal play is an exciting adventure. However, if you're thinking about introducing a little bit of butt play into your bedroom shenanigans, whether solo or with a partner, going full speed ahead into the deep (literally) waters might not be the best idea.

Although incredibly corny, the famous phrase, size matters, couldn't be more accurate when describing anal play. Oh yes, before you embark on your anal journey, you need first to ensure you have the right equipment. And no, we're not talking about your butt. We mean a third-party object that will explore it, ergo, an anal sex toy.

But choosing a suitable toy to explore your anal canal can be confusing if you're merely an anal rookie. Trust us, we know. And based on our experience, we want to guide you through the wonderful world of anal toys and help you find that perfect size for the most pleasurable anal or prostate play.

Let's go straight in, shall we? Pun intended.

Types of Anal Sex Toys

Before we discuss sizes, we need to talk about different types of anal sex toys. That's because while size does matter, different toys offer different sensations. Some toys may also be better for anal training, while others are solely recommended for more experienced anal enthusiasts seeking even more intense sexual pleasure. So, what options do you have?

Butt Plugs

A butt plug is the first toy that comes to mind when discussing anal sex toys. Indeed, anal plugs have become the synonym for anal play. That's mostly due to its specific shape, designed specifically for exploring people's buttholes.

Of course, there are various types of butt plugs available, but the general idea remains, with each butt plug consisting of three main elements:

  • a tapered tip for easier insertion,
  • a narrow neck for the anal sphincter to grasp,
  • and a flared base that prevents the plug from going too deep (and getting stuck).

What does a butt plug do? In simple terms, it adds a feeling of fullness to the rectum, stimulating sensitive nerve endings inside an anal canal and increasing sexual pleasure. What separates butt plugs from anal dildos is that a butt plug stays between one's butt cheeks once inserted.

In other words, instead of thrusting it in and out repeatedly, you leave the butt plug alone to do its job, which essentially means maintaining pressure on rectum muscles, which enhances the orgasmic build-up. Some even wear butt plugs while walking around doing their daily chores, with a diamond in the butt like erotic sparkling anal jewelry.

Essentially, a butt plug is perfect for anal stimulation while masturbating or having sex. You might also use it for anal training, as wearing it frequently can enhance your anal capabilities and help your body get used to the sensation. The princess anal plug is another version of this elegant anal jewelry with glittering sparkling jewels.

As for types of butt plugs, you can choose between different materials (silicone, glass, or metal butt plugs), shapes, and sizes - which we'll discuss in a moment.

Prostate Toys

While butt plugs are an excellent option for both men and women, prostate sex toys are, at least theoretically, made with the uglier sex in mind. Of course, it doesn't mean they won't work well when inserted in a woman's butt, but as they are shaped specifically to stimulate the prostate, they will do wonders when used by any proud penis owner.

It's all about the shape of prostate toys. More specifically, all prostate sex toys, whether it's a prostate vibrator, dildo, or butt plug, are curved. That curve makes the difference, as it helps stimulate the men's G-spot (also called P-spot), which, in case you didn't know, is located right up the male butt.

The outcome? More intense orgasms.

Anal Beads

Anal beads have a cult of their own, as they are one of the most diverse anal toys available. Whether you want to use them solo or share them with your partner during sex, the possibilities are truly endless. What's more, due to their smaller size and typically more affordable prices, anal beads are the favorite anal toy among anal play beginners.

Anal Dildos & Vibrators

And last but not least, we have legends of anus stimulation - the good old anal dildos and vibrators. What separates them from traditional toys? Practically nothing besides a bigger base, which prevents the toy from going too deep into your anus.

Anal dildos and vibrators are perfect for double penetration or more intense masturbation, doing wonders for gay, lesbian, and heterosexual couples, as well as solo play. And while there's a whole section of dedicated anal vibrators and dildos, your traditional toy will also do its purpose.

What's great about dildos and vibrators is that they come in an enormous range of shapes and sizes, so anyone can easily find the toy that will suit their sexual needs. Still, when it comes to sensations and their more thrusting nature, we'd recommend using dildos and vibrators after some anal training. But more on that in a minute.

Anal Sex Toy Sizes

Okay, you know the types of anal toys. Now let's get to the main reason you're here - finding the right anal sex toy size. Without getting into too much detail, we can divide sex toys into three size categories - small, medium, and large, typically ranging from 1-2 inches in diameter.

Oh yes, we should mention that when it comes to anal toys, you should always look at their width at the thickest point rather than length. It doesn't mean that length isn't important, though. However, with a prostate located approximately 2-3 inches deep anal cavity, you can expect most toys to meet that length, either small, medium, or large.

Small Toys - Perfect for Beginners

If you're only starting your anal play journey, getting a smaller toy is the best way to learn the ropes. If you go too big too soon, you're likely won't enjoy the experience. As with everything, you need to prepare first, and smaller toys, especially a butt plug or anal beads, are perfect for anal training.

So, for instance, any butt plug size ranging between 1-1.25 inches in diameter is considered a small plug. The same goes for anal beads, which often go below the one-inch diameter. Even if you're a beginner, you will find such toys easy to insert and comfortable to wear.

They may not offer incredibly intense sensations, but they will help you get used to having something stuck or moving between your butt cheeks, preparing your anus for something bigger.

Medium-Size Toys - Experienced Anal Play Enjoyers

Once your butthole is ready to take a bigger package, you can move to medium-sized toys, typically ranging between 1.3-1.5 inches in diameter. Once you hit that mark, you're no longer a beginner. You're a full-fledged anal enjoyer.

Generally speaking, toys in that diameter range are perfect if you're ready to fully introduce anal play into your sex life. Now is the time to add prostate massagers or dildos into the equation. You can also move on from your small plug and consider taking things to another level.

Many people who try anal stop at this point, believing that their butts might not withstand an even larger toy. Those who want more should look for large anal toys.

Large Anal Toys - Reserved for Anal Veterans

If you've reached this section of our guide, it means you're willing to go all-in with your anal games. While it will take some time for you to reach the end of the anal toy size spectrum, trust us when we say the whole effort is worth the end result.

But what are we talking about size-wise? Generally, large anal toys range from 1.6 to 2 inches. Some even go over that, so if you're willing to go where eagles dare, be our guest. As for this guide, let's focus on toys reaching a maximum of 2 inches at their thickest point.

Is it worth it? From our experience, yes, it is. However, mastering large anal toys is not an easy feat, and it takes time and training to prepare your anus for having something that thick meddling inside.

While choosing the right size of your anal toy is essential for a safe and pleasant anal experience, you should also consider the toy's type and material.

First, the type. As covered, there are several different types of anal sex toys. We discussed only the primary types, but did you know that there are 15 different kinds of anal toys? Fifteen! That's a massive range, so it's only natural to think about which toy to choose.

In general, we'd recommend butt plugs and beads for beginners trying to learn the ropes. Dildos and vibrators are better suited for more hardcore anal play. It's hard for us to talk about it more without getting into too much detail (trust us, the world of anal toys is truly fascinating), so it's best you do some research yourself. 

As for the material, the best butt plugs, and anal toys in general, are said to be made of silicone, rubber, or vinyl. These materials ensure easy insertion and extraction and provide really intense sensations. Of course, it doesn't mean that glass or metal butt plugs and toys won't do their job, but they generally aren't as safe and convenient to use and clean as silicone or rubber toys.

Safety First, Anal Pleasure Later

We can't state enough how pleasurable and intense anal play can get. However, while it's easy to forget about it, especially in the heat of the moment, the first thing to consider when using any sex toy should be safety. And that is especially true for anal toys.

First of all, always use a proper lubricant with your anal toy. Keep in mind that, unlike the vaginal canal, your anal cavity doesn't self-lubricate itself naturally. Going in dry can damage your delicate anal canal muscles, resulting in pain, discomfort, and even bleeding. So yes, all things anal considered, we can't state enough how important it is to use lube.

However, the question is, which lube to use? Not all types of lubricants go well with specific toys. The general rules are to use water-based lube for silicone toys and silicone lube for rubber anal toys. When it comes to vinyl, glass, or metal toys, any time of lubricant should do its job well.

Another thing to consider is the reason for this article - the size of your toy. Simply put, don't bite more than you can chew, although a more appropriate way to put it would be to don't stuff your butt with more than it can take.

Start with smaller toys and slowly move your way up. If you insert too large a toy too soon, it might result in pain or even torn anus. And you wouldn't want to experience that, would you?

And finally, please remember to practice good hygiene. As much as some might think otherwise, a butt isn't the cleanest part of a human body. Therefore, it goes without saying that whatever goes inside should always be wiped clean after going back from its journey.

Use antibacterial soap to wash any body fluid that might've left your body with, or rather on, a toy. Doing that will not only ensure your butt plug or dildo stays clean and ready to use but also prevent a potential anal infection once you plug it back in.

Key Takeaways: How to Raise Your Anal Game (Size-Wise)?

If you're reading this guide, we assume you're willing to go on a full-scale anal journey. If so, be prepared for an exciting and sometimes scary adventure. Indeed, as fascinating as testing your anal limits to reach that ultimate pleasure is, it's no easy feat.

Mastering the anal game takes time and effort, and we can't promise you things will always be all roses. The final destination, however, is worth all the trouble. Trust us, there is the best anal vibrator for everyone.

The question is - how to reach it?

Patience, young padawan. Patience and practice. Butt plugs are safe if you start small, and slowly move your way up. As covered, the best idea is to start by wearing a small butt plug, 1-1.2 inches wide. Use lots of lube and try to use it frequently to adjust your anal canal to the experience. There are even dedicated anal training sets beginners can use to train their anuses.

As you start to adjust to the experience of having something inside your anus, it's the right time to go bigger. Opt for toys ranging between 1.3-1.5 inches in diameter. Now it also might be a good time to try dildos or vibrators and add some thrusting movements into the equation.

After a while, you should be ready for larger-sized anal toys of up to 2 inches wide. Don't hurry, though. Take your time, set your own pace, and enjoy the experience. Practice makes perfect, and before you think about it, you will become a true anal master. 

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