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Reviews (24)
  • S****T
    If you are a stick to what you know person and typically use flesh lights like my husband, I recommend this. Strokers are fairly new to us but this one is as simple as 1-2-3
  • We****ws
    I enjoyed helping my husband use this.. loved being in control of the way it made him feel and he really enjoyed it!
  • Co****er
    The opening is soft and tight. And the interior texture is very stimulating. When paired with the suction it is tight all the way through. All in all is a very good male toy.
  • De****ro
    Ich kann das Teil weiterempfehlen. Es ist ein schönes Gefühl es zu benutzen und bisher kam ich auch immer zum Erfolg. Die Funktionen und Variationen sind wirklich nett. Der Druckabbau funktioniert bei mir immer. Auch das reinigen ist unkompliziert. Preis ist gerechtfertigt und ok. Kann es mit 5 Sternen empfehlen.
  • B****n
    My husband was very skeptical about buying a toy for himself at first. He is always getting me toys and stuff saying its for the two of us so I thought maybe I could find him one that would be just for him. Honestly neither one of us knew what to think about it at first. It was bigger than we both expected. We like the fact that it isnt loud. We havent tried this part yet, but you can change how tight it gets by how you grip it. So far he likes it.
  • D****s
    The suction is like no other, all the different modes and the vibrating, spot on.
  • R****H
    Der Vibrator hat es in sich, ist super stimulierend, stärker als andere größere, die ich probiert habe. In der Taschenmu. spürt man vom Vibrator aber nur wenig. Die Mu. ist ziemlich eng, erreicht aber, was sie soll. Vibrator 5 Sterne, Mu. knappe 4 Sterne.
  • H****l
    If you are thinking of buying this, stop thinking, and buy it NOW! This is probably one of the best adult toys I have tried. The suction is amazingly powerful, but not to strong. And the motor is very quiet, you can barley hear it, but definitely feel it! The vibration as an added bonus, really like being able to use them separately or together. The vibration is kind of loud, you can definitely hear that. The toy itself feels amazing, very soft and lifelike. The curve really helps pull you inside. The battery, lets just say I used it for and hour, continuously using both features, and it still has battery life. The self cleaning feature is just the cherry on top, very easy to clean and dry. Over all, LOVE IT!
  • S****n
    I recently purchased this Masturbator and I'm absolutely blown away. This product has truly exceeded all my expectations.
    One of the standout features for me is, how much detailed it is.
    The vibrator has different modes which allowes a unique experience
    The Material it is made of is also extremely durable, which in my opinion is important.
    The Produkt was send really quick and it comes in a discreet package.

    Overall I am impressed by the product, because of its durability and detail. It also has a really good value for the money you pay and I would absolutely recommend it.
  • Ba****de
    My hubby was skeptical about this at first. I'm always getting toys so I felt like maybe I could find him one. He didn't know what to think about it until I tried it for him. It was super hot. He liked it. It wasn't loud and the fact that you can change the tightness by how hard you grip it on. The outside was awesome. He even mentioned he like the sound it made. Lol
  • M****i
    I got it to try with my partner. It's soft not like any other one. My partner doesn't like that it's a bit noisy. I however don't think its loud.
  • Hi****ns
    This was so much fun to use on my hubby! He really enjoyed the vibration and suction. What a great way to spice up the bedroom! 🥰🥰🥰
  • K****l
    This toy is amazing. I don't usually like strokers but this is a new favorite. Feels amazing and makes clean up super easy.
  • St****er
    This item works great! I really like the self-cleaning feature. The mold used is much better and more form-fitting than many of the others like this I have tried. I am a bit larger and it works perfectly still. The functions are all good, easy to clean, and easy to use. My only request for a future upgrade would be a better storage solution such as a nice bag or box.
  • Kr****ey
    I ordered for my husband and he was definitely hesitant until he tried it while I was on a business trip! Definitely a top notch product!
  • Ha****ew
    So I got it to try with my partner, they were iffy about using stuff but it's way bigger than expected & super soft!
  • J****n
    This thing by itself would be a 4/5 star max. However, have discovered this type toy combined with a stroking toy is fantastic (I use a Fleshlight Launch - the new one/can easily strap this in). It is reasonably quiet too compared to similar toys. Would give it 5 stars except it quite difficult to clean/doesn't disassemble.
  • M****n
    Great adult toy, great suction I promise you won't be disappointed when ordering this! I was literally blown away! (Pun intended) haha.
  • M****a
    Suction is so intense. You need to try it
  • Ka****ty
    My husband love this toy he said if your thinking about buying stop thinking and just buy it