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Reviews (19)
  • J****e
    This pocket pussy is well made. It's pretty close to feeling like the real deal. The vibrations are a nice extra touch. My wife bought it for me and she had fun using it on me. I didn't mind one bit. It's great for when your solo, and twice as much fun with your partner.
  • K****a
    My boyfriend loves it. Now I can finally be left alone lmao. The inside is very realistic.
  • M****a
    My husband loved it. Feels great, very realistic, the vibrating feature is nice. Downside, lots of lube is needed as the toy seems to absorb most lube and can feel dry.
  • St****er
    Preis Leistung Top. Die Saugfunktion ist Super. In Kombination mit der Vibrationen sehr erregend. Die Reinigung ist auch super einfach, mehr als Warmwasser ist nicht nötig. Kann ich bestens empfehlen.
  • K****k
    I really like that this comes with a app, not only does this allow more things to personally try with the toy but you can also share the app with a S/O so you can have a lot of fun and even both get toys to use on eachother. This also feels really good it can suction clamp, vibrate, move on its own, and make noises. Try this toy fo sure fo sure
  • K****n
    Works very well sometimes too well!
  • Ma****nn
    Es ist besser als die hand und echt nah an der Realität.
  • La****se
    This is the cutest masturbation cup I have ever bought, in the shape of a grenade, you can see the charming female pussy when you open the lid, 10 violent vibration mode, when my dick is inserted, I orgasm too many times, it is so cool
  • B****a
    I bought this for my boyfriend before he went out of town. Shipping was fast, and it comes in a discrete, sturdy little box. The outer casing is well-made, and it's nice that it has 2 indentations that can be squeezed together to add more friction. The inner material is super soft, pliable, and oh my.... the suction is amazing - even just on my finger! I think it may even work TOO well - it appears my boyfriend may not be missing me too much while away, LOL
  • M****t
    Unfortunately this doesnt fit me. I am too large for it in width and the machine gets stuck. I will have to keep my eyes out for a larger product.
  • H****r
    Sex toys aren't just for women, wish I would have realized this much earlier in life! Super easy to clean. The different settings make some great sensations. It is super soft and lifelike, just need a bit of lube and you're good to go! I'm 7 and thicker than average and I fit in the product just a bit tight, but that's perfect!
  • S****N
    I did my research since it was first time buying a male toy. I got it right the first time yeah. Excellent present! Highest quality!
  • J****n
    It definitely works better than I had imagined, I just wish it was a bit longer
  • P****l
    Sehr Angenehm und Gefühlsecht. Fühlt sich fast wie Orginal an mit Gleitgel. Gute Preis Leistung.
  • D****z
    The labia majora is too tempting to open the lid, insert it in and enjoy the 10 vibration, it makes me extremely excited, I really recommend buying it!
  • N****Y
    Ich habe nun schon etliche Toys ausprobiert und muss sagen dieses hat mich wirklich überrascht. Sehr angenehmes Gefühl, in Kombination mit der Vibration kommt der Höhepunkt relativ schnell. Das Material macht einen sehr hochwertigen Eindruck, mitgeliefert wurde ein praktischer aufbewahrungsbeutel, das ganze ist leicht zu reinigen. Insgesamt von mir auf jeden Fall eine klare Empfehlung!
  • A****n
    I always consider whether buy a pocket pussy or masturbation cups on my limited budget, this product dispelled my hesitation. I really love that it combines pussy with masturbation cup into one. when i open the lid, it's perfect to me, I was attracted by its vivid pussy lips, and I couldn't wait to penetrate my dick.
  • W****y
    Greate toy, with nice Vibration features. Also great feeling, no wierd smell or anything.
  • L****n
    This gives you multiple feelings