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Reviews (15)
  • M****l
    As advertised, this product has two separate and powerful vibrators that operate quietly and yet strongly enough to provide some pleasurable sensations. Its design is also quite ingenious in that it can be used with one vibrator on the shaft and the other underneath the testicles, or it can be turned around so that the top folds down and vibrates the head and glans. It charges quickly and runs for about an hour on a single charge. The material is comfortable against the skin, with or without lubricant, but if one uses it with lube, cleanup is easy. I would like to see the company develop a version of this product with a remote control because in some of the configurations, the buttons are on the underside of the unit, facing away from the user, so one has to feel for them. However, there are only two buttons, so they are simple to locate and use.
  • Ke****mb
    There are many competitors that use USB charging and sealed arrangement in a slick silicone 'tunnel'. But for a number of reasons, this is the best Bar none. Its power, and shape are unique, especially the 'tail' part. I think it was intended for the head, but leave it flat so it ends up on your scrotum. Heaven!
  • Ma****re
    This product is very well made in terms of the actual material as well as the two vibrating pieces. With that the material is a very smooth plastic which feels nice for the application that it has while also just being generally nice. As for the vibrating pieces, both are pretty powerful on there own and can be used together. As the smaller one connects into the inside of the item to create a smaller more compact vibration. It also has the consistent water proof design for those who may need this!
  • H****r
    Die Lieferung erfolgte wieder sehr schnell.
    Auf dieses Toy war ich besonders gespannt - zumal es sich sehr deutlich von den für Männer üblichen Toys unterscheidet. Klein aber oho!! Und das alles zu einem wirklich günstigen Preis.
    Wer ausreichend wasserbasiertes Gleitgel benutzt und sich aus den vielen Programmen das richtige Vibrationsmuster ausgesucht hat wird noch lange Freude an dem hochwertigen Toy haben. Die Vibration gelangt dahin wo sie hingehört - eine wirklich gute Entwicklung für die männliche Anatomie.
    Klein auch im Reisegepäck unterzubringen.
  • E****c
    I had doubts this would work for me as I am gifted with girth (and tube style never fit), but its velvety smooth texture wraps around perfectly. It has many vibration modes and is very powerful. Almost too powerful in your wanting to enjoy for awhile. I continually had to turn it off for a bit to slow down. It's battery lasted an impressive hour before I lost control. Highly recommend.
  • S****n
    What on Gaia's green earth are yall trying to do to my relationship? I can't compete with this!!

    Single males! Forget the sleeves and pocket wussies. This thing will have you shooting to the moon! If you're a couple, ladies you can use it when you aren't in the mood. Yeah, do it for him... let him watch adult movies. He'll only need a highlight reel anyways.

    Braveheart (I nicknamed it) is very well made and very strong! I own several vibratory products. Braveheart is BEAST. This puts Braveheart in a category with GOT's. You just have to put your sack in the right spot for it to REALLY work as intended. My boyfriend acted like he never put a body leash on a dog. Man up! And uhh get some water based lube if you like it wet. There's traction, and tightness as long as you can squeeze your hand.
  • Jo****er
    Hab es für mich gekauft und finde es super tu tragen und bin überrascht das so ein Spielzeug doch so viel bringt
  • Co****er
    I purchased several of these types of devices to try, and this one scored second place. I would guess it's for medium build, and lots of lubrication is needed. A longer main part would be nice, but I think this is designed for use near the end and the glans area. I didn't enjoy closing the unit option per the instructions, and found the final event almost painful. But leave it open and introduce some motion, and it is very satisfying.
  • S****e
    My boyfriend was really excited to try this ! Its a 10/10 for me and definitely worth the buy ! You should get it and spicy up your bedroom
  • H****i
    Das Produkt kann auch verwendet werden, wenn der Penis nicht steif ist. Die Vibrationen sind sehr hilfreich. Die Steuerungsmöglichkeit per App ist gerade beim Partnerspiel ein nettes Goodie.
  • Te****er
    I Liked the incredible power and vibration which is great for self-love. Disliked how it was difficult to fasten the sleeve to secure it for use…overall it works well and wonderfully
  • T****i
    Tired of giving hand jobs this us the perfect tool. Works great. Battery lasts long
  • J****n
    Kann ich nur empfehlen das Gerät! Es gibt viele derartige zu kaufen aber dieses Produkt ist super!!!!
  • E****a
    My bf liked the high setting. The first setting did have much oomph. He said it would have been better if it completely encircled him, but he still liked it a lot!
  • A****a
    The first time I played with this type of toy, it was very fresh, However, the progress was more smooth than I expected, and I was very happy to harden it.