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Reviews (14)
  • M****e
    Definitely worth the price for what you get.
  • br****in
    This is a great little machine I am very pleased with his performance very well-made meets and exceeds any others out there. it is very powerful and grips and spins the way it is designed to do and it’s very easy to use, understand and clean great value for the money. you won’t be sorry!
  • G****e
    This thing works so well. I took a chance on it since I had bad experiences with other ones and this blows them out of the water. I can definitely recommend this!!!
  • X****C
    The toy I've been waiting for. I wasted buying money on toys that just rotated or ones that don't go up and down. This does it all and it feels great. Well worth it.
  • Ka****ay
    The value of this new best friend is hard to describe. The fear I now have is that the pleasure it gives is not replicable by a normal person. The various speeds and modes provide a different experience, and there is a lightening button you press when close to finishing that takes the end from being pleasure to out of this world. The item is discreetly mailed, so there is not fear that you postman or neighbor are going to know about this guilty pleasure. It is really easy to clean. The silicone insert comes out and can be easily cleaned with hand or body soap without degrading the material. With the power off, cleaning the rest of the machine is easy, using the same soap(s). After cleaning, I suggest keeping the machine right side up, as there is no protection regarding water going into the mechanical area. As an electronic toy, it is really simply put together. Far greater than a vibrator, by a long margin. Storage is easy, and there is a cap to protect the insertion area. This item can easily be used with a partner, and could be a nice break from the normal interactions partners have. The purchase price is comparatively equal to other products of its sort, but the value this product has in it is well beyond its competitors. Rating it on a scale of 1-10 puts this at a solid 9. I give it my full approval and hope that this review helps to sway you towards trying the product.
  • B****s
    Where to begin with this one!

    I'm pretty old school when it comes to solo play but this product really adds another level to my sessions!

    The different modes and speeds are actually quite unique from one another, if you've used a manual Fleshlight or similar before this is way better.

    You get all the suction but with the added benefit of rotation and back and forth pulsating action as well.

    I'm not small but since the inner sleeve is not open ended it's OK! I can just thrust as much as I need to and never worry about coming out of the top of the sleeve or hurting those sensitive parts .

    There is a headphone jack that is supposed to have some female moaning or something, I can't say I used that part but if you are into that is a nice feature.

    My only real complaint on this one is the charger is just the USB cable but you'll need to find the part that plugs into an outlet to charge it. You could also use a USB port but those tend to charge very slowly so I recommend using a phone charger (with USB port etc) or similar.

    Portable, easy to use, not too heavy but a good weight to it, feels amazing, if you are considering this one treat yoself and check it out
  • Jo****ld
    This toy is out of this world amazing! I’ve had a couple masturbator toys in the past but this one easily tops those. I love the powerful suction and the lightning speed button as I am about to finish. Best solo sessions I have ever had. After I’m all finished it is super easy to clean up and be ready for the next time.
  • M****nd
    Use with a generous amount of water based lube and it will suck you dry. The best thing I have bought! Ever. Powerful suction cup. Powerful motor. Great movement.
  • An****en
    I’ve used the a traditional flashlight for years but this product totally blew my mind. So many different speeds very nice
  • ****s
    This is my 3rd auto blower and it completely destroyed the need for the other 2. First off this thing came with 2 sleeves (yes, you'll need the 2nd one), headphones for the sound feature, and the mount is from heaven. Clean up is easy and fast. The speed and rotation settings are great but that turbo button is out of this world. I enjoyed from start to finish and you will too.
  • J****.
    Literally it’s amazing. Been using it 2-3 times a day it’s that good and fast. Buy it!
  • A****x
    Thumbs up.
  • G****ch
    It works well enough, although I wish the tube was longer and narrower and the opening gripped you tighter.
  • De****ns
    Just what I been looking for. It is a great product and I would recommend it to everyone.