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LETEN 708 Future Technology Automatic Piston Masturbator

LETEN 708 Future Technology Automatic Piston Masturbator

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LETEN 708 Future Technology Automatic Piston Masturbator
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LETEN 708 Future Technology Automatic Piston Masturbator
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  • LETEN 708 Future Technology Automatic Piston Masturbator

    Special tips: The most powerful masturbation machine has been born this year, do you dare to accept its challenge? After all, professional bloggers also only lasted 50 seconds!


    1. Dual-speed flywheel piston, constant temperature heating, interactive cabin pressure change, three language vocalization, original body fragrance, fleshy virtual skin.

    2. Double push piston, high cabin speed, strong power and strong suction.

    3. Interactive cabin pressure change, touch traction, free contraction control, fast and slow sliding pressurization technology, a variety of different elastic pleasure experience.

    4. Synchronized chuck plus stretching, circulating heating, heat flow environment

    5. Erotic scent adjustable changes, virtual skin from smooth to soft muscle.

    6. Deep blue-shaped dream, shiny red body, two arbitrarily soft meat.

    7. Built-in airflow heating system, automatic drying, 12V direct plug.


    Color: white / red / yellow / blue

    Mode: 3+7 retractable

    Operation noise: 80db

    Number of motors: 2

    Motor model: 390 + 395

    Motor speed: 390 motor - 12000RPM, 395 motor - 13550RPM

    Material: ABS, TPU, PU, TPE

    Power supply: AC 100-240V

    Use crowd: 18 years old and above

    Size: 4.96*3.94*10.69"

    Package includes:

    Power adapter*1

    Warranty card*1

    Instruction book *1

    708 sucking machine *1

Customer Reviews



I had avoided using a powered toy up until this point because I wasn't sure if any of them would be worth the money. Besides, the simple toys still do the job, right? I decided to take the leap as a present to myself and after a bit of research settled on trying this one. The packaging was surprisingly nice (and of course nothing on the shipped box to indicate what was inside). I was blown away by this toy for two main reasons: 1) The motor is surprisingly powerful and it actually feels pretty darn amazing, and 2) Cleaning it is super simple, just take the actual textured part, turn it inside out and rinse, and then dry it before turning it right-side out and reinstalling it (takes all of maybe 3-4 minutes to do). I've used it about 5-6 times now and there is no way I could go back to simple toys now, this is so much better. Definitely recommend this one!


Really is simply a work of art, the function has been obvious easy to see, for its appearance and feel, not the general toys can be compared, I prefer to spend a lot of money to buy such advanced toys to use!!


First thing, a spinning toy the label on the box calls the leten masturbator. I cant escape the weebs! God DAMN did this baby give me a great time! My girth tops out around 4 inches, and a few toys I got weren't a good fit, much like with earbuds. This fit perfectly. Not too tight, not too loose. You can use it like a normal sleeve if you want something tamer and it works. One of the best fun times I've had. However, when it came time to finish it wasn't the best experience. Became sensitive when releasing and it wasn't the most comfortable finish. Best buildup, somewhat panic finish as I hold the power button so it doesn't overwhelm me, and not in a good way. Too much of a good thing can hurt a little. Wish I could slow the rotation down a bit, or it had a simple up and down motion without the spin, but thats always a thing I can do manually. If you have climactic sensory issues proceed with caution. Having used it twice today I can say I don't regret it, just need to find a workaround for the ending. Its like if a really amazing movie had a crap ending


Ummmm... for a dude who hasn't had intercourse with a woman in 3 years.. this thing was f****** amazing... blew me away. Cleans relatively easy. Feels better when you take the bottom cap off. The more lube, the hell of a lot better it is.


This thing feels great. No joke. It worked way better than I expected it to. It has numerous patterns, but the first two (constant) are the best in my opinion. The sleeve in this one has 'lips' around the entrance which make all the difference. Combined with the varied textures inside, it is sure to please anyone. The toy itself looks really cool. The motor is strong. The battery lasts a very long time. The sleeve is removable and can be turned inside out for cleaning. The toy is well put together and sleek in appearance. Just use adequate lube! It won't hurt you, but it will grab at your skin if you run it too dry! I really like this model. Try it, you won't be disappointed!