How To Help Men With Penile Erection Difficulties

Jan 26, 2023

A weakened erection can occur at any age. This problem has been treated by specialists for a long time. But if the reason is of a psychological nature, then you can find a solution yourself. In our sex shop there are products that help restore potency, restore confidence.



"Flaccid member" is a decrease in the elasticity of the male member, only a partial increase and hardening. During intercourse, even if the man has sexual arousal, normal penetration does not occur or it becomes quite problematic. Sexual contact is not satisfying. This position cannot suit both the man and his sexual partner.

Weak erection in men is one of the acute problems, which is influenced by many factors. These include: stress, depression, decreased physical activity, mental exhaustion, age, trauma to the pelvic organs, bad habits, an unhealthy lifestyle, etc.


Individuals with this kind of problems have low self-esteem, difficulties in intimate terms, problems arise in the family and in communication with the opposite sex. Having a problem of "flaccid penis" a man is not able to have sex, as a result he has a feeling of powerlessness and disappointment in himself, there is irritation, anger and resentment.


But this is a problem that can be solved. If the matter is in the state of health, then you should consult a doctor. If the matter is in fatigue, stress or other psychological factors, you can look for a solution without the help of a specialist.



If your sexual health deteriorates, you shouldn't rush to the pharmacy right away. Excitatory drugs help in strengthening erections, but not always have a positive effect on health. There are safe methods and devices that are not taken orally, but they give good results. All of them can be found in the sex shop:

1. Cock rings. The cock ring is the most popular way to prolong sex and keep an erection. Sometimes a woman needs more time to get pleasure and the ring helps to prolong the sexual intercourse.


The cock ring is placed on the base of the penis. It squeezes it and prevents the outflow of blood. As a result, the cavernous body of the penis remains firm and full, which allows for a long lasting erection. It is only important to achieve elasticity at the beginning to put on the device. Since problems with low erection can occur at any age, every man needs a ring.


2. Exciting creams. Special creams are a topical remedy in the fight against erectile dysfunction. This type of "first aid" for erection dysfunction will allow partners to begin to feel satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Their main advantages include speed of action and ease of use. Apply the product to the penis 5-10 minutes before intimacy, it causes a rush of blood and sustained excitement.


There is a wide variety of topical stimulants: sprays and serums, gels, creams and intimate oils. Formulations of products can include natural and artificial ingredients. They are all safe for regular use.


3. Prostate massagers. An excellent tool for enhancing erection and preventing prostatitis is a prostate massager. The use of the device gives a chance to improve a man's sexual function, prolong sexual activity into old age and improve the quality of sex.


Regular prostate massage becomes an effective prevention of prostate diseases and maintenance of high-quality sexual function. After 5 procedures, the problem of "flaccid penis" can disappear completely. Suitable for home use.


4. Effective lubricants (warming and cooling). Lubricants are organic lubricants that facilitate the process of sexual friction. The active substances that make up the lubricant. increase the flow of blood to the penis immediately after application of the drug, this is manifested in a significant and rapid increase in the volume of the man's penis.

Effective lubricants act like stimulating creams, but they only give sensations to both partners. Warmth, cold, tingling is felt by the woman too. These are less effective drugs, but they are often enough for an erection to be stable.Erection problems are easily solved today. If you suddenly fail to have full sexual contact, do not be upset. Start experimenting with products from our store. If the problem is health, see your doctor. In just a few weeks, you can fully restore sexual function and enjoy life as before.

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